Gordon Park Residence


Burnaby Terrace, Gordon Park



Price Category

< $30,000k


FINALIST – 2021 HIA Brisbane Renovated Kitchen up to $30,000

Our Gordon Park residence is a blast from the past.
Peace signs, medallion necklaces and floral fabrics were the height of topic when our Gordon Park resident mentioned he dreamt of a retro 60’s kitchen. He required a space that would cohesively integrate into his home alongside his retro collectables and love for all things vintage.

Retro kitchens express their personality through a funky feel & bold colours. Committing to an ‘out of the ordinary’ colour scheme was not only risky but brave. It paved the way for creating a modern take on a classic kitchen style.

We tackled the colour scheme with a soft pastel blue and a common white to contrast. The bench top was an easy decision; with an abundance of timbers prevalent in the 1960’s.

Added curves on the overhead shelving kept with the soft theme and allowed our client extra display shelving.

A dishwasher was purposely not included in the kitchen, due to the client’s wishes. However to future proof the kitchen the drawers to the left of the sink are the same dimension as a dishwasher and these can be easily replaced with a dishwasher at a later date.

Referring back to the original 1960’s construction method, the door & drawer fronts were manufactured to sit 8mm proud of the classic white frame.
It is not every day that our factory gets to experiment with different manufacturing techniques so it was definitely the talk of the factory, with all our cabinet makers jumping on board to learn.

By combining different finishes in this beautiful retro kitchen, it created a visual drama and complemented styles around the home. From a vintage kitchen we grew up loving to classic kitchen today.


Doors & Drawers

  • Polytec Melamine ‘Classic White’ Sheen Finish
  • Laminex Melamine ‘Just Blue’ Natural Finish



  • 34mm Laminex ‘Curly Birch’ Natural finish

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