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$20,000k – $25,000k




Beautiful ‘Evergreen’ came to life after a dramatic transformation from its humble beginnings as a small and contained kitchen that interrupted the cohesion between the nearby dining and family areas.

‘Evergreen’ it’s not pretentious or grand, it’s a warm welcome into a home’s heart – the kitchen. The muted green shade ‘Oasis’ decorates its figure, wood accents elevate its charm.

An expert touch

The project started with a decisive young homeowner whose new place didn’t match at all his lifestyle and wanted a drastic change in the kitchen’s footprint by knocking all the walls that surrounded it.

The briefing included a galley style kitchen with an island but it didn’t specify how far to extend the kitchen within the room. The owner was pleasantly surprised by the proposal of a considerably long kitchen that occupied two-thirds of the open plan and blended seamlessly with its surrounds, yet stands proud as the focal point with a two-level sociable island.


One part stone; one part laminate. This island was a perfect balance between affordability and style. A subtle vein runs through ‘Pearl Jasmine’ Silestone, while the ‘Florentine Walnut’ Laminate top helps to ground the modern aesthetics.

The space is replete with storage and functionality, boasting ample drawer units in the island and back bench. A row of tall cabinetry, carefully aligned to the lower ceiling in the middle of the room, features a double door pantry with internal drawers and glass shelves, an oven tower customised to the owner’s height requirements and a broom cupboard that hides an existing pillar, which was in plain sight before the renovation.

The project resulted in functional zoning, plentiful storage and a delightful blend of textures. ‘Evergreen’ is a place to stay, to play, to feel at home


Doors and Drawers

  • Polytec melamine ‘Oasis’ Smooth Finish


  • 20mm Cosentino Silestone ‘Pearl Jasmine’ Polished finish, Aris profile

Dining Table

  • 34mm Polytec laminate ‘Florentine Walnut’ Woodmatt finish

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